My senior BFA exhibition was based around creating music posters for some of my favorite bands. The exhibition ran April 2nd-April 8th and it was a lot of fun to make. Almost too much fun.
Show title poster based off of a screen print I had done.
Ellie Goulding poster based off of an acrylic painting.
5 Seconds Of Summer poster based off of some lithoprints I had made.
Lithoprints based off of an acrylic painting I had previously done.
Jimi Hendrix poster based off of one of the first acrylic paintings I had done that I really loved.
Cage The Elephant poster based off of a drawing I had done entirely with lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner.
Lipstick closeups.
The original music poster I made for Of Monsters And Men, created from a collage using paper, epsom salt, and paint.
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